Design Services:

Garden Aglow offers design services for your lighting project allowing you to better visualize what the lighting will look like on your property. Using photos of your home, illumination graphics and images of the exact fixtures we recommend we’ll provide two to three options for your review. Once decided, we will produce an estimate for approval. Upon approval, an invoice for the initial deposit of 50% will be sent. Final invoices will be due upon project completion and will reflect the deduction of the initial design fees. 

Design Services Pricing:

$200 per area of property, i.e. front yard, backyard, side yard, etc…

Lighting System Installation Pricing:

The cost of professionally designed and installed landscape lighting will depend on several factors, including the type of lighting fixtures, installation challenges, wire run lengths and gauge, amount of transformers, and maintenance to name a few. For instance, bronze fixtures are more expensive but last forever. Brass is more cost-effective but will show signs of corrosion around 7-10 years. A tree light installed 30ft up, will take more time to install, than a garden light and, therefore will cost more in labor. Rocky soil, wall lights, wires hidden and applied to houses, roof/gutter installations, and other install challenges will also affect cost. A good rule of thumb is to expect to pay between $250-$800 per fixture (labor and materials included, depending on fixture finish) for a straightforward installation. However, expect costs to rise for reasons such as; long wire runs are required, unforeseen install challenges, multiple transformers are necessary, or higher gauge wire is needed.

Maintenance Pricing:

Garden Aglow will automatically come to your property each Spring without the hassle of scheduling an appointment. Maintenance clients receive priority status and 25% OFF all labor and materials if your system needs servicing beyond what’s included in the annual maintenance appointment.

Term: One year from the date of this agreement. Garden Aglow will send invoices every February at which point the program can be renewed through payment or canceled via email. 

Yearly Maintenance Package Pricing

1-2 Transformers $349.00/Year 

3-5 Transformers $425.00/Year 

6-12 Transformers $529.00/Year