Design and Installation Consultation

Looking to add landscape lighting to illuminate the beauty of your home? We will come to your home to meet with you and learn about your goals of the project. We’ll review unique elements of your home and property, focal points and plant material deserving of the warm glow of low voltage lighting. We can’t wait to meet you and discuss your vision!

Worry-Free Annual Maintenance

Join our maintenance program and receive:

  • a yearly automatic appointment in the Spring
  • a full assessment of your system to ensure everything is working perfectly
  • cleaning of all fixtures and resetting if necessary
  • reburying unearthed wires
  • priority status
  • 25% off all labor and materials

Retrofit or Upgrade Consultation

Lighting system old and expensive? Still using halogen bulbs? We’ll come to your home and fully assess your system to see if we can retrofit for LED. If not we can review what a replacement system would look like.

Repair Diagnostic

Do your landscape lights look like this? Book a consultation and we’ll come to your home to fully assess your broken system or fixtures. We won’t leave until we have a plan in place to get you back to full illumination!

Landscape Lighting Ideas


Place spotlight fixtures closer to a building for a bolder effect. The goal is to focus the guest’s attention to the most beautiful or intriguing parts of your landscape such as architectural features, trees, statues, or fountains.


By placing a fixture behind the feature, aimed towards an adjacent wall, you can create an illuminated backdrop. This landscape lighting technique is perfect for highlighting plantings in close proximity to your home.


A similar technique to silhouetting, shadowing also places the fixture towards the base of the feature, aimed towards an adjacent wall. However, the goal is to create a softer shadow, and often works best with a tree that has open, delicate foliage.


Create moonlighting techniques by placing a downlight fixture with a full glare guard high up inside a tree, and angled downwards. This effect looks like moonlight shining down through the branches. It causes attractive shadow patterns on the ground to appear, plus it provides a very natural and beautiful lighting effect.

Bollard Lighting

Place bollard lighting where you need 360 degrees of light. Pathways and stairs are great areas to illuminate with bollard lighting.


The down-lighting technique is similar to the moonlighting technique, although brighter and less subtle. Place a fixture high up, inside a feature like a trellis, tree, or eave, and cast downwards over a large area. Place the light higher if you intend to illuminate a large portion of the yard, and lower if you wish to illuminate a path or garden.

Scene Setting

Create the perfect outdoor living space with warm, ambient lighting. Use string lights, bistro lights, outdoor chandeliers, and sconces to set the space aglow.